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Welcome Letter to Alumni

September 18, 2023




Dear DVHSAA Membership,


We are hoping you had a great summer.  As we prepare for the upcoming year, we would like to thank you for supporting DVHSAA through your membership and participation in leadership roles in our beloved Alumni Association.  This past year has been one of reorganization as DVHSAA prepares to move forward in a united, cohesive fashion that is appropriate for a digital age.  We recognize the diligence of previous DVHSAA leadership, and will continue to build on the foundation that has been laid.


DVHSAA Accomplishments for 2022-23

1.  Transitioned to a digital model with a focus on financial transparency and communication

2.  Restructured DVHSAA Committees particularly Membership, Hall of Fame, and Bereavement

3.  Developed and delivered formal DVHSAA Bereavement Resolutions for grieving alumni

4.  Conducted a successful Membership Drive during the Annual Scholarship Gathering, increasing Lifetime Memberships by 7, and Annual Memberships by 39. Raising over $2600 in dues.  All paid on-site, in real time through our new digital payment system using a Scan Code.

5.  Updated the website

6.  Donated $2500 to the Dunbar Scholarship Foundation

7.  Re-established a relationship with the Dunbar Administrator  In Charge

8.  Inducted 80 Class of 2023 graduates into DVHSAA during graduation ceremony


DVHSAA Goals for 2023-24

1.  Increase Lifetime Memberships by 30, and Annual Memberships by 100 with a focus on  

    developing leadership roles for alums in classes from the 90s and 2000s.

2. Develop a cohesive strategy for the sustainability of Dunbar Vocational Career Academy 

     where alumni are speaking in a unified voice

3.  Work collaboratively with the Dunbar Local School Council (LSC)

4.  Host two major Fundraising Events to increase alumni membership and scholarships

5.  Work collaboratively with the Dunbar Administrator In Charge to develop a Mentorship

     Program for Dunbar students.


The Dunbar Vocational High School Alumni Association (DVHSAA) Executive Board is asking that you make a commitment to Dunbar students and our Alma Mater by renewing your Annual Membership and/or upgrading your membership to a Lifetime Membership.  We need your help financially, but more importantly we need your voice, skills, and experience to make a difference in the lives of our current students and to ensure that Dunbar continues to thrive in the future.


With Warm Regards,


DVHSAA Executive Board

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