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Alumni President 

President's Message

Greetings Dunbar Family,

My name is Dr. Lisa Young, I am your elected president of the Dunbar Vocational High School Alumni Association (DVHSAA). I have been active and involved in various aspects of the DVHSAA for many years, collaborating with classmates to organize our class reunion, class leader with the scholarship foundation, Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association, and an inductee into the Dunbar Hall of Fame.


I am humbled and honored to lead our Alumni Association.  As President, I ask that you too, join me and other active alumni by supporting the Dunbar Vocational High School Alumni Association. My goal is to strengthen our organization to support the school and its legacy, preserving our history, increasing Dunbar pride, school sustainability, transparency, and integrity of our DVHSAA. Accomplishing these goals will protect the school’s legacy, organizational strength, and viability of both the school and the Alumni Association.


I would like to invite you, if you have not already done so, to reconnect with Dunbar with involvement in the organization by becoming a member either annually or through a lifetime membership. We ask that you show your support for Dunbar and the DVHSAA by joining the Alumni Association, donating to the Dunbar Scholarship Fund, and continuing support for the sustainability of the school. These ongoing membership and scholarship donations show your continuous Dunbar pride and ongoing connection as a valued graduate.


In addition, your donation to the scholarship fund assists graduate students to achieve their dreams and future in college and trade professions. As an active alum, you can serve as a role model. Please donate or work with the organization to be a mentor.


Please join our elected officers. President, Lisa Young (1978), Vice-President, Dexter Pierce (1990), Treasurer, Denice Hopkins-Nelson (1991), Recording Secretary, Barbara Crittenden-Baber (1969),  and Corresponding Secretary, Marva Nichols-Griffin (1988).


Please consider joining the Alumni Association today and support us in our leadership in expanding the growth of our organization and continuing to make Dunbar Strong!


Thank you in advance. We look forward to your membership and donations.

With warm regards,

Dr. Lisa Young

President, Dunbar Vocational High School Alumni Association

Class of 1978

Lifetime Alumni Member

Inductee DVHSAA Hall of Fame

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